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Gilli is the oldest café in the city of Florence. Established over 270 years ago by a Swiss family in Medici-era Florence, it started as a pastry shop steps away from the Duomo. In the mid-1800s, it moved to Via degli Speziali, and from there to its current location in Piazza della Repubblica.


Pastry tradition passed down through generations

About the birth of Caffe Gilli we know that the original asset started out as “Bozzolari”, producers and sellers of doughnuts; today the Pastry Shop is distinguished by the search for high quality raw materials and care for details.

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• Chocolate •

Real italian chocolate

Gilli chocolate shop includes a real made in Tuscany chocolate selection, wisely obtained by processing the best single-origin cocoa.
Our production range from the unique Alkermes chocolate, to the pralines, the dragées, the chocolate bars and the spreadable creams.

• Restaurant •

Flavors and taste of the italian tradition

Caffe Gilli restaurant chooses to preserve flavors and taste of the italian tradition, reinterpreting them in a modern key, by using only the finest ingredients and following the seasonal products.

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• Cocktail bar •

The mixology quality

Our Cocktail Bar stands out for the mixology quality, with a drink list that offers classics, contemporaries and Signatures carefully prepared by our bartenders. This philosophy is based not only on the constant research, but also by the garnish elegant simplicity and by the ice quality, which is pure and dilution low-grade.

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Florence lounge since 1733

Always known as an elegant stage and living room for city life, in the 1900s, Caffè Gilli served as a meeting place for famous writers, intellectuals, and artists.

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Our collection of products

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Fashionable meeting place, Caffè Gilli stands out for pastry, restaurant and mixology excellence. 
An historical location confirmed, year after year, as Italian icon – appreciated and loved all over the world.

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A unique venue in the heart of the city

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In the heart of Florence since 1733, pastry tradition passed down through generations