About the birth of Caffe Gilli we know that the original asset started out as “Bozzolari”, producers and sellers of  doughnuts; today the Pastry Shop is distinguished by the search for high quality raw materials and care for details.

After almost three centuries of uninterrupted activity, Caffe Gilli is known all over the world for the variety of confectionery production, for the professional manufacture of chocolates and precious essences, for the exclusive jellies, bonbons, biscuits, for the delicious single servings and for the traditional festive dessert, such as Panettone and Colomba.

The traditional craftsmanship specialties are reinterpreted in modern style by our pastry chefs, realized using products and methods of italian and international patisserie.


A not-to-be-missed opportunity to share the coffee daily ritual in a timeless frame.
At Caffe Gilli, awarded by Gambero Rosso with “tre chicchi e tre tazzine”, we select only the finest blends of 100% Arabica qualities for our Espresso.

• Some of our specialties •

A moment of pleasure to enjoy in the elegant Liberty Room or in the outdoor area overlooking the well-known Piazza della Repubblica.